Our Mission

Making modern living more accessible by reimagining how we build and buy homes.

Reconstructing an Outdated Industry

The homebuilding industry has not innovated in over 100 years. Until now, if you wanted to build or remodel a home, you had to: Manage the project yourself. Hire an architect. Make hundreds of design decisions. Spend countless hours in showrooms selecting finishes, fixtures and appliances. Search for trustworthy local builders and contractors. Go through a nontransparent bid process. Brace yourself when the bids come in higher than expected. Endure a year or more of construction, change orders, unexpected delays, and extra costs. Not know how much your home is going to cost until you move in. We decided to find a better way.

  • More Affordable

    Building a new home has become out of reach for most people. As construction costs and real estate prices continue to rise, many people are forced to move out of their city or neighborhood to afford a home. Connect Homes wants to change that. Our modern prefab homes can be delivered and installed on your lot at a fraction of the cost of building or remodeling a home. Upfront, transparent pricing means you’ll know exactly how much your home will cost from day one. Move up without moving away and get the new home you’ve always dreamed of but thought you couldn’t afford.

  • Smart

    Smart prefab and smart delivery combine to democratize dream homes for the everyday homeowner. Assembly-line construction at our San Bernardino prefab factory offers a level of precision, speed and quality control that cuts the time, cost and headaches associated with building and remodeling a home. From design to manufacture to installation, we take care of it all. This level of precision and craftsmanship is maximized by shipping a nearly-finished Connect Home using our patented smart delivery system. Why aren’t all homes built like this?

  • Modern

    Say goodbye to designs of the past: older homes with tiny windows, low ceilings, small rooms and dark hallways. Connect Homes marries modern form and function to create homes that connect you with family and friends, natural light, the outdoors and your headspace. Open concept flow and floor-to-ceiling glass combine to offer thoughtfully-designed footprints that maximize space, foster community and encourage easy indoor-outdoor living. This outdoor connection adds natural light and expansive living space into the home, offering more livable square feet and a higher quality of life.

  • Sustainable

    Controlled assembly-line construction of your Connect Home generates 50% less waste than construction jobsites. No dumpsters. No work trailers. No neighborhood noise pollution — just factory precision that’s lighter on the land and lighter on our communities. Even more, Connect Homes are built for energy efficiency. They feature smaller footprints, complete LED lighting systems, and 75% less energy and water usage than older homes. With homes representing 26% of global energy demand, imagine the impact we could make on the planet — one home at a time.

Our team

We design homes that make you feel lighter, brighter, and more connected.

  • 2 Founders
  • 111 People
  • 17 Designers

Founders Founders

  • Jared Levy Chief Product Officer (CPO), CO-FOUNDER
  • Gordon Stott CO-FOUNDER

Our Story: Thinking Inside the Box

Acclaimed architect Jared Levy spent his entire professional career designing high-end modern homes that brought the “glass box in the sky” dream to California royalty. His work pushed the boundaries of functional modern design — emphasizing open plans, natural light and indoor-outdoor living. In Jared’s own words, he strives to design homes that “make you feel healthier, brighter, more connected to nature and your place in it”.

In 2004, Jared helped launch Marmol Radziner Prefab alongside architect Gordon Stott. Their award-winning work graced the covers of Dwell, Time, Newsweek and Builder. GQ Magazine praised their work as “Masterpiece in a Box” while their designs became the first modern prefab homes to be published in Architectural Digest.

But somewhere between importing marble from Italy and returning home to their old Californian bungalows, they realized their work wasn’t addressing the needs of the everyday homeowner. While the prefab industry resolved some inefficiencies encountered by traditional homebuilding and remodeling, it didn’t deliver on its potential: offering modern, sustainable design at an affordable price point. The duo was convinced there was a better way.

They spent the next two years developing and patenting a modular prefab system that dramatically reduced construction and delivery costs — costs that have kept modern prefab homes from being both high-end and low-cost. They also focused on simplifying the process by prioritizing transparent pricing and taking project management stress off the homeowner.

Since then, Connect Homes has built a team dedicated to making modern living more accessible by reimagining how we build and buy homes.