Series 2

Welcome to the future of residential housing, today. Created specifically for developers, Series 2 offers a truly smart and fully configurable platform. Efficient factory-built modules bring your development to market faster than ever possible before, with a high level of quality and design.

Certainty to an uncertain process.

A farewell to unreliable partners. With end-to-end control, design and engineering, factory production, and on-site installation, Series 2 brings new predictability and certainty to your projects and outcomes. Fewer partnerships mean fewer potential problems.

Unmatched speed to market.

At capacity, we build a home per day. That’s fifty homes in fifty days. Our unmatched speed to market reduces carrying costs, frees working capital sooner, and gets your project cash flow positive faster. And, we can deliver to your site based on a schedule, or in batches.

Beautifully designed homes that people desire.

Series 2 homes are modern architectural game changers. Our award winning home designs are built with high quality materials, precision fit and finish, and unmatched attention to detail. Each is sustainably built and designed with healthy living features that are crucial to success in the highly coveted modern living category. Series 2 gives you an advantage that’s more resilient to market volatility.

Surprisingly adaptable to your project.

Whether urban infill, remote mountain site, or modern community, Series 2 offers a range of options to fit the look & feel you need. From exterior finishes, pitched roofs, garages, decks, and more, Series 2 is remarkably capable of transforming. Through simple choices Series 2 homes are adaptable to fit consumers and communities.

One configurable system. Many styles.

Whether it’s one home or an entire community plan, Series 2 is a remarkable, fully configurable platform. Detached and attached garages, roof decks, single-, two- and three-story options from 640-2450 sq. ft., all from the Series 2 system.

An integrated smart tech platform.

Series 2 features an integrated technology with smart modules that click together on site. Plug-and-play systems for lower energy and operating costs, access control, smart energy management, healthy occupancy sensors, and routine maintenance notices. A simple smart design feature that saves time and money.

Cost efficiency. As in, costs less.

Our efficient, transparent process includes design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and more – all in – and hits cost targets at, or below, stick construction. All while delivering a higher quality finished product, with better features, and lifetime value. Your spreadsheet will never look better.