Connect 1

Accessory Dwelling Units, also referred to as ADU’s, have become a popular way for homeowners to provide a second dwelling unit on their property. In California, recent changes to ADU laws have made it easier and more cost effective to build an ADU. Homeowners will find it’s now more attainable to build housing for their parents, children, and guests next to their home. Other homeowners see these new laws as an opportunity to earn additional rental income. Either way, it is a great way to increase density on single family lots – something that cities are starting to encourage.

The Connect 1 is the simplest and least expensive way to get the Connect Homes ADU of your dreams. The Connect 1 is a single (larger) module, meaning that there is no module seaming on site. With no seam between the modules, finish flooring can be installed and there is no drywall patching or roofing work done at the seams. This means work done on site is even less than with a typical Connect Home. The Connect 1 makes a great little one bedroom house, with a galley kitchen that opens up to the outside and floor to ceiling glass throughout, its small footprint feels much larger.

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Floor Area: 429 sf interior, 31 sf covered deck



Floor Area 460 sf total
Overall Dimensions 11′-6″ X 40′
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Stories 1


Connect Homes Budget
(2018/2019 Pricing Schedule)
Design $10,000
Production $135,000
Installation $14,500
Sales Tax $4,860
Estimated Connect Homes Total $164,360
On-site Work Budget
Estimated Basic Scope $18,400
Estimated Total Budget* $182,760

What’s included?

Connect Homes provides the following on all projects:

● Architectural services
● Structural engineering services
● Cabinets and countertops
● All kitchen appliances
● Washer and dryer
● Tankless water heater
● Central heating and air system
● Heavy-gauge steel structure
● Exterior siding and metal trim
● Gutters and downspouts
● Exterior doors and windows
● Dual pane, low-e glass
● Insulation in walls, roof, floor
● Mechanical system in the home
● Electrical system in the home
● Plumbing system in the home
● Exterior wall sconces
● Recessed LED ceiling lighting
● Faucets and toilets
● Thermostats
● Smoke/CO alarms
● Fire sprinkler system
● Engineered wood flooring
● Tile flooring in baths
● And more…

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