Choose a Site.

Already own land?
We can meet you at your site and discuss the possibilities. If your site presents any challenges, ie. steep slope or tough access, we can perform a quick site feasibility study.

Need a loan?
Financing is available for both the purchasing of the land and the construction of the home. We have preferred lenders that can assist you.


Design your Dream.

Start by picking a Model. You can choose from the standard finishes, fixtures and appliances that we offer as well as any number of upgrade options.

We also assist you in site planning and can design any additional site features you might be interested in – carports, garages, pools, decks.

Now we are ready to submit drawings for your local permits and approvals. During this time we can also get in bids from local general contractors for the limited pre-delivery on-site work.


Build and Deliver.

We build 90% of the home in the factory – installing everything from exterior siding, windows and doors, cabinets, plumbing, appliances, lights, and more.

Our goal is to deliver as complete a house as we can. At the same time we begin factory production of your home, the local general contractor will also begin the limited pre-delivery work on site.

Once the home is done in the factory, we’ll deliver the home and set it in one day. There’s still some work to button-up where the modules come together, completing installation of your home a few weeks later.

Welcome Home!