Jared Levy and Gordon Stott founded Connect Homes to offer an affordable alternative for those looking to live with great design and experience a better way of building. The inefficiencies within conventional home building lead to a process for both architect and owner that is too difficult and time consuming.

Before starting the company, both worked at Marmol Radziner Prefab for over 5 years, where Jared served as director of architectural services. While there, they won several national design awards and their homes were written up in numerous magazines such as Dwell, Builder, Newsweek, Time, Architectural Digest (a first ever for a prefab house) and GQ (dubbed “Masterpiece in a Box”).

But after spending close to six years working in the prefab world, they saw a lot of problems in the prefab industry as a whole and in particular, the modern design segment that they were part of. They decided to set out to find a better way.

(Pictured: House by Marmol Radziner Prefab)

So they spent two years developing and patented a modular system that cuts delivery costs by close to 90%. If you like one of our homes (we hope you do!), we can send it to you, wherever you are, without breaking the bank. Drawing on our previous prefab experience, we designed our prefab system and our homes to be simple, smart and efficient. Typical prefab systems complete only 55% of the house in the factory. We complete over 90%. This maximizes the efficiencies from building in a controlled factory setting and better controls costs.

• Our designs connect people to the outdoors through smart and efficient design.

• We have done all the green homework so you don’t have to.

• We believe that homes with smaller footprints, both ecologically and literally, make a lot of sense.

• We use a patented modular system that enables us to ship our homes anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of standard modular homes.

• We know that building a new house is a big deal. And a big investment. We are dedicated to serving the customer and making it as smooth a process as possible.